About Us

The Wellness People was founded in January 2018 with the aim of bringing together different modalities of non-invasive treatments that enhance wellness, identify existing issues and allow the healing process to take place naturally and gracefully.

To this end, we offer Allergy Diagnosis and Testing using the most sophisticated test available- testing for 282 common allergens with one simple blood test. This allows us to identify any offending allergens which once eliminated, can enhance your overall well- being.

We also offer Cryotherapy Treatments for toning, lifting, cellulite busting, collagen boosting, slimming and IPL treatments for acne skin, thread veins, rosacea, sun spots and photorejuvenation plus hair removal. This menu of treatments aim to address the needs of our diverse population of patients/clients while remaining true to our non-invasive philosophy.

This discrete but easily accessible wellness clinic is based conveniently in Notting Hill and currently very much relies on word of mouth marketing by existing patients.

Dr. Roshni Menon MBBS, MSOHNS(ENT), MSc (Allergy) is our lead doctor at The Wellness People.

Dr. Menon studied at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School and Imperial College School of Medicine qualifying in 2000.

She then worked for the NHS for 7 years in multiple Surgical specialities before completing her training in ENT Surgery.

She worked for the University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2007-2014, and subsequently returned to London to complete an MSc in Allergy at Imperial College School of Medicine in 2017.

She is passionate about the testing for allergies and early identification having completed her dissertation and research in the comparative rate of Allergies in Urban vs Rural school children.

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