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The Wellness People

Cryotherapy • IPL Treatment • Allergy Testing

About Us

Shedding new light onto non-invasive treatments, The Wellness People aims to enhance wellbeing, identify existing issues and allows you to heal naturally and gracefully.

Witness great results through Cryotherapy. We offer a great range of treatments including cryo slimming, cryo facial, toning, lifting, cellulite bursting, and even collagen boosting. address the needs of our diverse population of patients/clients while remaining true to our non-invasive philosophy.

Our IPL treatments are a great solution for people who are suffering from acne skin, thread veins, rosacea and sun spots. We also offer photorejuvenation with IPL hair removal too. See reduced hair growth and improved skin texture and appearance in just a couple of sessions.

Identify more than 280 common allergens with one simple blood test. Using the most sophisticated test available we offer Allergy Diagnosis and Testing that identifies offending allergens. The Wellness People also offer allergy treatment that is hassle-free and effective to enhance your wellbeing.

Striking the balance between discretion and accessibility, our wellness clinic is conveniently located in Notting Hill, London.

With talented individuals like Dr. Roshni Menon MBBS, MSOHNS(ENT), MSc (Allergy), our lead doctor, we have established a reputable clinic that has a diverse range of patients.

After completing her studies at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School and Imperial College School of Medicine, Dr. Menon went on to complete her training in ENT Surgery after 7 years of gaining experience in multiple Surgical specialities.

Passionate about allergy testing and early identification, Dr. Menon returned to London to complete her MSc in Allergy at Imperial College School of Medicine in 2017 after having worked for the University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Who We Are

Found in 2018 to help heighten wellness with the aid of non-invasive treatments, The Wellness People believe that everyone deserves a chance to look good and feel great from within.

With the help of specialised equipment, we elevate your overall well-being and appearance. Lead by passionate individuals, we address the needs of our patients while remaining true to our philosophy.

What We Do

Covid-19 Testing

Discrete, Safe, Professionally administered COVID-19 Testing Service for all your testing needs. We offer in clinic/home testing within Zone 1-2 London.
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Cryotherapy Treatments

Our non-invasive cryo slimming shows visible results after just one session. From toning to collagen boosting we help you feel more confident in your own body.

IPL Treatment

Achieve smooth, silky looking with skin with none of the harmful side-effects, Improve the appearance of sun damage and acne scars too!
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Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever

Allergy Testing

Allergies really affect the quality of your daily life. Why compromise when you can find a solution to help? ALEX ® Allergy Explorer is the first and most scientifically advanced in vitro multiplex allergy test that helps you in more ways you can imagine.


The (cryotoning facial) treatment itself takes only 20mins and is actually super relaxing. Thanks so much @thewellnesspeoplelondon for a glowy start to my weekend.
Lifestyle Blogger
It (cryotoning facial) felt refreshing and relaxing and non-invasive. I now have a fresh glow, a jaw lift, fewer lines & my pores have tightened. Safe to say I am now hooked!
Tried the cryofacial for the first time- amazing feeling and look- firmer and higher. A very easy, natural way for busy women to look fresher, younger and firmer in 20 mins – I recommend it!
Model, Co-Founder @rsstylists

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